Last illustration of 2013, this one of Sherlock Holmes (classic style) appearing in this week’s first 2014 issue of Backstage.

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Oh, Elsa.  What are we going to do with you.

Frozen is purportedly set in the 1830’s-40’s, but I’ve been obsessed with finding a style that could marry her coronation gown with her ice gown more seamlessly; the open robes you see during the Regency era, including those being worn by Scandinavian royalty at the time, seemed a particularly apt analog for her… weird underarm-cape.  Thing.  You also see her mom wearing something very similar for something like ten years, so it’s not a huge stretch to think it could be a popular look in Arendelle.  THAT’S MY EXCUSE.

I initially designed this for her coronation, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to explore how that same silhouette might work with her ice gown as well.  Someday, theoretically, I would love to do a more literally iced-up version of her gown, but I figured the alternate colour way would be a nice middle ground to strike.


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AMAZING!! Also, I love your Historical Princesses series!

My folks and I also watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier today

And it was AWESOME!! XD


Took these a couple years ago.

(photographs by me)

Just rebloggin’ these cuz it’s EASTER!

Happy Easter Sunday everybody!


This Anna Kendrick Little Mermaid SNL sketch is impossible to find (NBC ran into some legal issues with Disney)… watch while you can!

"Why would I need your hair? Mine is GORGEOUS! I mean it’s white, slicked straight up, & buzzed on the sides."


Some things that I wanted to mentioned


1. I watched a few episodes of The Neighbors which I find it really funny. However, I still have to watch it in order.

2. I seriously got into Modern Family ever since I landed in San Francisco four months ago. SO FUNNY!!!! I don’t know why I didn’t watch it earlier (I’ve heard many good things about it, but I didn’t get the chance to check it out).

3. I FINALLY watched Hannibal! BUT… I only watched the first two episodes. However, I will definitely rent the first season and will try to catch up with the current season. I never imagined it would be THAT MORBID, but OMG!!!! And yet, it’s SO INTERESTING….

4. I’m really liking the new ABC show Resurrection. It really keeps you guessing on a lot of things and the characters involved. I can’t wait to see what happens next!


stretching my fashion/haute couture muscles more. :)

imagine modern day queen elsa… this is the “before”… still has gloves, the coronation hairstyle, is more reserved and put together. i want to do more small sketches of when she lets it go. hahaha… omg kill meeee


trying to one-up each other in sneaky pictures and bad instagram blurs